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  • Adoptee Therapists in Wisconsin
  • Black Clinicians Milwaukee
  • Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.)’s National Directory of Adoption Competent Professionals. Search this national database to locate qualified adoption therapists in Wisconsin. Read their individual profiles to learn more about them before connecting with them via phone or email.
  • Childhood Trauma or Mental Health Disorder? The traumatic effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and symptoms of mental health disorders can often look alike.
  • Healthy MKE: Find mental health and substance use care resources for adults, children, and families in Milwaukee County.
  • is a digital, research-backed mental health tool that youth can use on their own. It was developed by Hopelab, in partnership with CenterLink and the It Gets Better Project. supports and helps LGBTQ+ teens explore and affirm their identity and learn practical ways to cope with sexual and gender minority stress that are helpful, relevant, inclusive, and joyful. This is done through supportive and affirming resources, activities, and stories from LGBTQ+ youth in 4 areas of interest and need: minority stress, queerness and LGBTQ+ identity, internalized stigma, and gender identity and expression.

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