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As a relative caregiver, you have to learn how to navigate transitioning from your role as a child’s relative to a new parenting role. For some families, this is a rather smooth transition; for many others, though, this can be a challenging change for everyone involved.

You are not alone.

This page contains resource links to help. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please reach out to our Resource Team at 800-762-8063 or

NEW Resources

Finding and Paying for Child Care
Long waitlists, high costs, and limited choices make finding childcare a challenge for most families. For the 56% of kin caregivers who are in the workforce and didn’t plan or expect to raise the children in their care, this task can be even more difficult. Your help with navigating the childcare system will save kin caregivers time and stress—and possible lost income. Many grandfamilies have an immediate need for child care and no idea where to turn. (June 2024)

Kinship/Grandfamilies & the FAFSA: College Financial Aid
As the children in their care enter their senior year of high school, kin/grandfamily caregivers will be thinking about what comes next, including, potentially, higher education and how to pay for it. Download this tip sheet from the Grandfamilies & Kinship Support Network to learn more. (May 2024)

Wisconsin Kinship Navigator

The Kinship Navigator Portal can be used by any relative caregiver throughout the state to identify services and resources available to them based on their specific caregiving situation. Caregivers will be asked to answer a set of questions specific to their situation, and based on those answers, they will be provided with an array of information about their eligibility for various programs. You can also download the Kinship Navigator Guidebook (PDF).

UPDATED Wisconsin KinFACTS Information

  • Child Support (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
  • Education (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
  • Healthcare (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
  • Legal (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
  • Permanency Decisions PDF
  • Child Care Options PDF
Support Group Kits

These kits have been designed to help support group leaders or facilitators host valuable connection events:

Our thanks to Celera Systems LLC for their financial support for these kits!

Free Relative Caregiver Learning Series

As a relative caregiver, you are learning how to navigate the transition from your role as the child’s relative to your role as that child’s parent. We have created a free learning path in the Champion Classrooms filled with webinars specifically for those caring for a relative’s child. We hope you find the webinars informative and helpful as you help the kids in your care heal and thrive.

Downloadable Resources

Tip Sheets

Relative Caregiving Virtual Resource Kit

A dramatic change may occur in families when a relative is called on to care for a child in need. There is often little notice and little time to prepare for this experience. Parenting a relative’s child is a unique caregiving role; it impacts the dynamics of the immediate and extended family. We designed this kit to offer links to services, resources, and perspectives that will help the relative caregiver navigate their new role.

Download the Virtual Resource Kit

Relative Caregiving E-Series

An e-series is a collection of emails about a specific topic that will be sent to your inbox once a week. These emails will include information, resources, and tips to support you on your caregiving journey. It’s like a mini-lesson via email that you can read and use on your own time, and it’s completely FREE!

This e-series is on relative caregiving. Join us on a four-week journey of learning common questions and answers about the changing role of grandparents in kinship care. Please note that while this e-series was intended for grandparents, some tips and strategies can be useful for any family member involved with kinship care.

Sign up for the e-series

No Matter What Families Videos

The No Matter What Families YouTube channel is created and maintained by the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. It is designed to encourage families to seek help and support when they feel hopeless and alone. The website features real stories from real people, ultimately providing inspiration to help struggling families make connections that will help build their strength and resilience.

  • Kinship Brings Change: Parenting can happen fast. Just ask Tiffany and Pennie, who quickly became caregivers to Tiffany’s 14-year-old nephew with very little notice or preparation. In this No Matter What Families video, they talk about the challenges and experiences they had providing kinship care.
  • How Parenting Again Changed Our Lives: When Pam and her husband were asked to care for their grandchildren, they didn’t hesitate to say yes. In this video, Pam shares how that decision has changed their lives for the better.
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Relative Caregiving Support Groups

Recorded Webinar: Resources for Age 55+ Relative Caregivers of Children

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