AJ’s Story About Not Ok Touches


This book is about talking with children about Not Ok touches. It can be read with a child by a parent, caregiver, grandparent, foster parent, school counselor. or mental health therapist. This is a sensitive subject and AJ’s Story has the right tone. The discussion is open and direct and clearly conveys important information about problematic sexual behaviors. Through the story AJ learns about Not Ok touches. He also learns that OK touches ae great to give and receive.

AJ’s Story is an excellent tool for therapists to use when working with a child who has been involved in touching behavior that was Not Ok. I highly recommend its use as an informative, educational book as well as an interactive, therapeutic tool. Children will remember AJ and the lessons he learned. -Barbara L. Bonner. PhD

Author: Rachel Miller. PsyD
Additional Author: Esther Deblinger, PhD
Count: 1
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