America’s Most Unwanted


America’s most unwanted is a short film that explores the struggle and strength of LGBTQ foster youth. It was directed, shot, and edited by a former foster youth for her Master’s Degree in Film Production from San Francisco State University. The film itself is a milestone since fewer than 2% of foster youth attend graduate programs. More than half of those interviewed for the project-attended college.

The characters’ resiliency, humor, and sensitivity are illustrated by their incredible insights into their own identities and experiences as revealed in intimate interviews in the film. Together, these multi-generational stories illuminate the common struggle for queer foster youth to overcome tremendous obstacles – homophobia, homelessness, isolation – and the new place of strength they reach in this process of survival.

This inspirational exposé will inspire empty-nesters to become foster parents, politicians to change policy, and foster youth supporters to feel empowered.

21 minutes.

Author: Shani Heckman
ISBN: 884501845045
Count: 1
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