The Balance Beam: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Kids


Valuing the importance of taking care of yourself is an essential component of successful parenting. Life, work, and family commitments take a toll on all of us. We all have responsibilities that pull us in countless directions, making us feel stressed out, short-tempered, and, at times, overwhelmed.

For foster and adoptive parents, self-care becomes especially vital. The job you are doing comes with a number of complexities and challenges. In addition, you may experience secondary trauma, which is the emotional toll you experience from hearing about, seeing, and living with the trauma that kids bring with them when they come into care.

Because of the challenges, some families can reach a point where they feel the task is too difficult and the emotional cost too high. Before getting to the point of having to make such a large decision, we invite you to read on for tips and suggestions to weave some self-care strategies into your family’s routine.


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Author: Wisconsin Family Connections Center
Additional Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
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