Changing Roles, Changing Relationships: Parent-Professional Collaboration on Behalf of Children with Emotional Disabilities



“This handbook aims to help parents of emotionally disabled children and professionals serving emotionally disabled children put the concept of collaboration into practice, understand the barriers to collaboration, and develop strategies to overcome those barriers and promote a working partnership. Factors that may influence or inhibit the process of collaboration are discussed. Elements of collaboration are outlined, such as mutual respect for skills and knowledge and shared planning and decision-making. Strategies toward collaboration are described for implementation by parents, by professionals, and by parents and professionals jointly. An appendix contains checklists for effective parent-professional collaboration to be administered to professionals, parents, service providers, state agencies, and professional training programs. Another appendix lists 13 organizational resources, four training materials on parent-professional collaboration, and three handbooks for starting and maintaining parent support groups.”

Author: Richard W. Vosler-Hunter
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