The Child With Special Needs: Encouraging Intellectual and Emotional Growth



“Stanley Greenspan, internationally known for his work with infants, young children, and their families, and his colleague, nationally recognized child psychologist Serena Wieder, have, for the first time, integrated their award-winning research and clinical experience into a definitive guide to raising children with special needs. In this essential work, they lay out a complete, step-by-step approach for parents, educators, and others who work with developmental problems. Covering all kinds of disabilities–including autism, PPD, language and speech problems, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and ADD–the authors offer a new understanding of the nature of these challenges and also specific ways of helping children extend their intellectual and emotional potential. The authors first show how to move beyond labels to observe the unique profile–strengths and problems–of the individual child. Next, they demonstrate the techniques necessary to help the child not only reach key milestones but also develop new emotional and intellectual capacities. Greenspan’s well-known “floortime” approach enables parents, as well as clinicians, to use seemingly playful interactions that help children actually move up the development ladder and often master creative and abstract thinking formerly thought beyond their reach. Including vivid case histories, the book also offers a deep and compassionate understanding of the stresses and rewards involved in raising a child with special needs.”

Author: Greenspan, Stanley, Wieder, Serena
Additional Author: Perseus Publishing
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