Effective Strategies for Severe Behaviors in Foster and Adopted Children


Bryan Post and Dr. Gizane Indart provide a clear-cut understanding of the root of severe behaviors most frequently identified by parents and caregivers as troublesome and provide specific step-by-step strategies to eliminating these behaviors in order to create healing and peace in your home. Learn why even adoption at birth is traumatic. Gain life-changing insights into why your children act out, and what you can do to help them succeed. (Approx length 4 hours)

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Dr. Brian Post is a leading authority in child behavior and founder of the Post Institute for Family-Centered Therapy.

In this DVD series, Dr. Post demonstrates how traditional approaches to parenting a child who has experienced trauma often leave both parent and child frustrated, and often make behaviors worse. He suggests that when parents merely assert authority and expect that a child complies, without understanding the underlying unconscious trauma-driven reasons behind the behavior, it only increases the child’s stress and fear. This results in increased “bad” behaviors.

One of the greatest strengths of Dr. Post’s approach in effectively addressing challenging behaviors is that he offers concrete, practical, no-nonsense strategies that parents can implement immediately. Many of the situations he addresses are relatable and his down-to-earth, humorous presentation style makes the content easily accessible.

For the parent who may be frustrated and feels they’ve tried everything with no progress, Dr. Post’s promise of noticeable results in a short time frame is encouraging. But the ownness is on the parent to consistently apply Dr. Post’s strategies — which are rooted in reducing stress and building understanding in parent/child relationships. The step-by-step strategies demonstrated provide an easy-to-follow blueprint for addressing the most difficult of behaviors, and renewed hope that change and healing are within reach.

Author: Dr. B. Bryan Post, PhD, LCSW
Additional Author: Post Institute for Family-Centered Therapy
ISBN: M7099
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