Essential Link, The


Adoptive and foster parents will learn about attachment, attachment issues, and RAD (reactive attachment disorder) from this book. “The Essential Link” provides practical information and clear explanations about attachment and bonding between adoptive parents and their new child. It answers questions about what attachment is and how it might be compromised in children who were adopted. Provides practical tips for ways to improve the attachment and connection between parents and adopted children. Short, easy-to-read summary of RAD (reactive attachment disorder), attachment, and bonding within adoptive families. Adoption agencies should make this required reading for all adoptive families. (Some agencies already do this, but ALL adoption and social service organizations should give it to their clients.) Read this and be more informed about a critical adoption topic. (56 pages, 2008)

Author: Susan M. Ward
ISBN: 9781440410840
Count: 1
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