Everything I Do You Blame On Me! – A book to help children control their anger


Helping Angry Children

Angry children can be the bane of their parents’ existence and their teacher’s worst nightmare. They can be defiant, aggressive and perpetually unhappy. The reasons for their anger are sometimes apparent. They may be reacting to a divorce, a family move, a new sibling in the home, or the rejection by their peers. They may come from an “angry” family, where parents fight excessively, or a family where people take their anger out on a child.

But for all these obvious scenarios, there are just as many situations where it is not apparent why a child is angry or aggressive. In spite of their parents’ and teacher’s love and concern, these children may have frequent outbursts, tantrums or act in surprisingly anti-social ways.

No matter what the cause, angry children need to learn self-control and the socially-appropriate behaviors that will break the pattern of rejection and disappointment.

In the first part of this “double book,” children follow the progress of a boy named Eddie and learn some of the most effective techniques available to help children control and transform their anger.

In the second book, children practice their own decision-making skills as they choose their own resolutions to the conflicts experienced by a boy having common difficulties with his family.

There are no simple solutions to helping angry children. Working with them takes patience and perseverance. We hope that this book will serve a “jumping off” spot in considering some of the alternatives to be explored in the treatment of these children. (1994)

Author: Allyson Aborn
Additional Author: Stu Goldman
ISBN: 1-882732-10-3
Count: 1
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