FAW: How Fostering Affects the Whole Family


How Fostering Affects the Whole Family

Parenting has often been called the most difficult job you’ll ever love. And, as all parents know, the job comes with countless surprises, joys, and, yes, challenges. We often hear from foster parents that they feel “called” to do this particular kind of parenting. That, despite knowing the circumstances and situations will likely be stressful, they volunteer for the task. Being a foster parent affects every member of your family–both immediate family and extended family. In this issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin, we explore the impacts on everyone involved. Articles include:

  • The Positive Impacts of Fostering
  • How Family Events & Traditions Affect the Children and Youth in Your Care
  • Saying Hello, Saying Goodbye: Celebrating, Recognizing, and Honoring Arrivals and Departures
  • How Extended Family Members Grieve the Loss of Children in Care


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Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
Additional Author: Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center
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sad son hugging his dad near wall at the day timesad son hugging his dad near wall at the day time