FAW: Resilience & Self-Care


You are a foster parent. Perhaps you’ve been doing this for a long time. Or, maybe you are newly licensed or have just finished your first placement. Perhaps you’re a single parent who has answered the call in your heart to foster. Regardless of the particulars, you may find that you are no longer that spontaneous individual who loves to go out dancing or to the movies or on long walks through the woods on the weekend. Now you’re primarily seen as the caregiver of that kid with special needs, a disability, or a sibling group who may have faced years of trauma. Your community may see you as a “saint” for taking on such a monumental task. You’re still who you have always been. You just might need a little more assistance–someone to help when you can’t do it for one more minute alone. Your life has changed immensely, but it’s important to remember who the person underneath the “foster parent” label truly is.

In this issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin, you’ll find information, resources, and tips to help you stay strong and resilient–for yourself and for those in your care.

Articles included are titled:

  • Staying Strong & Resilient
  • Drawing From Your Well of Resilience
  • Caring Fatigue: Know the Signs
  • The Importance of Self-care When Fostering
  • Resources from the Coalition

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Author: Wisconsin Foster Care & Adoption Resource Center
Additional Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
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