FAW: The Importance of Going to Court


The Importance of Going to Court

For many foster parents and youth in care, going to court can seem pretty intimidating. Being prepared and informed of the court process can help to mitigate some of your initial concerns. If you have questions about the court process, talk with your social worker ahead of time.

There are numerous benefits that go along with attending a court hearing. You are showing your support to the child by being in attendance at an official proceeding, which can certainly aid in minimizing the nervousness and uncertainty of what they may be feeling deep down inside.

You may get an opportunity to meet members of the birth family who you wouldn’t otherwise necessarily encounter. You will gain information about the decisions and outcomes of the court proceedings. Most of all, when you go to court and bring the youth in your care with you, the message you’re sending is that the court hearing about the child you are caring for is important.

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Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
Additional Author: Foster Care & Adoption Resource Center
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