Fostering Changes: Treating Attachment-Disordered Foster Children



Fostering Changes addresses the following questions:

  • What is attachment?
  • Who are attachment-disordered foster children?
  • What can be done to help them?

Fostering Changes is a practical book for those who care for, treat, and live with emotionally disturbed foster children…often the victims of physical abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, and abandonment. Though these young victims can be removed from the source of abuse and neglect, they take with them the invisible, internal scars of early maltreatment. These scars are often seen in attachment disorders – the vestiges of early disruption. This book provides optimistic yet realistic guidelines for intervention with disturbed foster children. It outlines a hopeful course of treatment for Fostering Changes.”

Author: Richard J Delaney
ISBN: 3459
Count: 1
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