Growing Up Black: African American Identity


African American teens often feel pressured to “”act Black”” but what does that mean? In this booklet, seven teenagers move beyond stereotypes as they describe their varied experiences with family, friendship, popular culture, city life and racism.

Nicole is proud of her mixed Black and Latina identity, no matter how much she gets teased by other kids. After a neighborhood youth is killed in a drive-by shooting, Michelle feels trapped by inner-city violence. Artiqua sees beyond her own prejudices when she dates a Puerto Rican boy, while Dawn believes that “being Black” is about a lot more than the music she listens to. Curtis explores the stereotypes that cause him to be followed in stores and feared on the streets. Angela, despite this country’s history, is proud to be both Black and American. Hashim feels rooted in the Black experience of Harlem. These stories will help teens explore their own ideas about African-American identity.

Additional Author: Youth Communication
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