Helicopters, Drill Sergeants & Consultants: Parenting Styles and the Messages They Send



“I have two addictions: kids and psychology. It’s pretty easy to figure out why I grew addicted to kids, but with psychology, it’s less obvious. I became addicted to psychology because I grew up learning how to use power, and I finally got tired of fighting with everybody. In place of power, I’m suggesting some practical and usable tools for parents and teachers that are adapted from formal psychological concepts. I offer them as suggestions. You may chew on all of them, and you don’t have to swallow a single one of them whole. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty. I’m not trying to tell you what you’re doing wrong with your children. I simply want to share some psychological techniques that raised the quality of my life dramatically. I also want to do this because, for me, sharing these ideas is fun!”

Author: Jim Fay
ISBN: 2314
Count: 1
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