I Will Never Give Up


At 37 years old, Derek stands 6 foot 5 inches and has a voice resonating with a singular passion due to a life of coping with adversity and overcoming hardship. Stemming from his childhood experience of parental abandonment and his troubled youth navigating the pitfalls of the foster care system, his years have been colored by extremes of humility, humiliation, aggression, emotional distress, and overwhelming anxiety. At five years old, his mother and stepfather turned him over to the county social services, and he had never known a real father.

Derek knows firsthand the trials of a hard-knock life and the absence of solid foundations upon which to build a happy, productive life. He firmly believes that never giving up and trusting in yourself are the keys to success. He lives a very successful and happy life. Success, he feels, begins with oneself, in the mind and heart, and is earned by the courage to take proactive action. Not only does he caution against being boxed in, but he considers it equally dangerous to even acknowledge the existence of a box.

As a singer/songwriter, Derek performed his music live for thousands of people. He has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and magazines and appeared on ABC and CBS news. Derek is an inspiring motivational speaker who unleashes his creative and fun-loving personality in a never-ending effort to ignite passion in others and instill the courage to take action. His truism is to make no excuses and become what you want to become.


Coalition Team Member Thoughts on this Title

Imagine being a five-year-old child and your mother and stepfather contact the local human services agency and inform them that they can no longer care for you. You are separated from your siblings and begin a journey into an uncertain and unpredictable future. This was the reality for Derek W. Clark, as courageously shared by the author in his book, I Will Never Give Up.

I Will Never Give Up is described by Derek Clark as an inspirational and motivational book for readers 14 years old on up. Mr. Clark thanks his foster parents for never giving up on him, even when he was, in his words, “being a rebellious kid.” He lovingly refers to his foster parents as Mom & Dad.

Mr. Clark discovered that music was a therapeutic resource for him growing up. Whether writing songs, singing songs or listening to music, music soothed his soul and brought him peace and comfort during some of the most difficult times he experienced throughout his childhood.

Today, Mr. Clark is an internationally known motivational and inspirational speaker. He has authored seven books and is a “rapping dad.” Mr. Clark’s heartfelt music and books have had a profound and powerful impact on countless listeners and readers worldwide.

I was moved by his compelling story, which exemplified resilience, courage, inner strength, and sheer determination. His never give up mantra guided him through incredibly challenging obstacles throughout his childhood.

I definitely recommend this book to teenagers and parents alike. Times get challenging for everyone, and Mr. Clark’s willingness to share his inspirational true story is incredibly uplifting. He continually shares why it is so important to never give up, even when life becomes extremely challenging. His mantra is one we can all benefit from!


Author: Derek W. Clark
Additional Author: Never Limit Your Life
ISBN: F5135
Count: 1
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