Inside Transracial Adoption


Inside Transracial Adoption provides creative, confident, pro-active, and provocative guidance for parents who are experienced veterans or who are considering transracial adoption for the first time. Whether through domestic or international adoption the authers offer direction for building close, loving, and very real families consisting of individuals who are proud and culturally competent members of differing races. What’s “normal?” Where do we live and go to school? Does class have an influence? How can parents become aware and informed and honest enough to combat racism both inside and outside their families? How does a child of color develop racial identity, feel that he “fits” in both culture of family and culture of origin, and build confidence as an adult of his race when raised by white parents? Using a careful blend of academic research, social reality and personal experience, Steinberg and Hall have honed their experiences working with thousands of transracial and transcultural adoptive families and as the recipients of three federal grants on transracial adoption, to offer detailed, step-by-step, get-real guidance for families about tough issues they will have to face related to race and adoption. They do so with humor and pathos, confrontation and empathy, mixed liberally with the gutsy panache for which they are well known in the U.S. adoption community 416 pages

Author: Gail Steinberg & Beth Hall
Additional Author: Perspectives Press, Inc.
ISBN: A2097
Count: 1
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