It’s Okay to Be Different


(The Okay Book) combines rainbow colors, simple drawings and reassuring statements in this optimistic book. His repetitive captions offer variations on the title and appear in a typeface that looks handcrafted and personalized. A fuschia elephant stands against a zingy blue background (“”It’s okay to have a different nose””) and a lone green turtle crosses a finish line (“”It’s okay to come in last””). A girl blushes at the toilet paper stuck to her shoe (“”It’s okay to be embarrassed””) and a lion says “”Grr,”” “”ROAR”” and “”purrr”” (“”It’s okay to talk about your feelings””). Parr cautiously calls attention to superficial distinctions. By picturing a smiling girl with a guide dog (“”It’s okay to need some help””), he comments on disability and he accounts for race by posing a multicolored zebra with a black-and-white one. An illustration of two women (“”It’s okay to have different Moms””) and two men (“”It’s okay to have different Dads””) handles diverse families sensitively this could cover either same-sex families or stepfamilies and also on the opposite page, a kangaroo with a dog in its pouch (“”It’s okay to be adopted””). He wisely doesn’t zero in on specifics, which would force him to establish what’s “”normal.”” Instead, he focuses on acceptance and individuality and encourages readers to do the same. All ages. (Sept.) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

Author: Todd Parr
Additional Author: Megan Tingley Books, Little Brown And Company
Count: 1
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