Jazzy’s Quest – What Matters Most


What matters most to you? That’s what Jazzy needs to figure out when faced with some tough decisions. Is what matters most being invited to the coolest birthday party in town? Is it competing in an amazing Star Wars contest? Or is it helping a friend in need? Join Jazzy on her quest to discover what matters most.

The second book in the groundbreaking Jazzy’s Quest series, this compelling story explores friendship issues that are common in tween social circles, through the lens of 10-year-old adoptee, Jazzy Armstrong. Kids will relate to Jazzy’s search for belonging at school and at home.
(Ages 8-12/Adoption/Diversity/Tween/104 pages/2016)

Author: Juliet Bond, LCSW
Additional Author: Carrie Golman
ISBN: 9780996720748
Count: 1
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