Life After Foster Care – 100 Things I’ve Learned


When Georgette aged out of the foster care system, she wasn’t prepared to live independently. She had very little money to her name and no real safety nets to catch her if she failed college or got fired from a job. In Georgette’s day, there were very few programs available to her and she felt completely alone when she went away to college. In spite of Georgette’s rough transition into adulthood, she went all the way with her higher education and was the commencement speaker at her graduation. Since then, she has been promoted at almost every job she’s held, she achieved some of her biggest dreams and she has personally maintained healthy relationships throughout the years. Along with her successes, the author has also had major setbacks and challenges, some of which still persists to this day. In this book, Georgette shares what she has learned in the past two decades of being an adult since her emancipation. From practical advice such as how to get a bank account, what you should do before, during and after a job interview, what questions you should ask a landlord and potential roommates to bigger life lessons she wished she knew as a teen, Georgette hopes to use her life experiences to help current and former foster youth as they navigate their journey into adulthood. To keep up with the author on her journey, you can visit her official website at
(189 pages/2017)

Author: Georgette Todd
ISBN: 9781540879356
Count: 1
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