Love is a Family


Lily storms home to her mother one day, demanding a real family. It’s Family Fun Night at school, and she’s positive they’ll be the weirdest family there. Her single-parent mom doesn’t seem overly fazed, reminding her daughter that they are a “small kind” of family, but real nonetheless. Lily isn’t convinced. She seeks refuge in the noise and pillow fights of her friend Melissa’s crowded house until it’s time for the school event, where, surprise! it turns out her little family isn’t unusual at all. Remi lives with just her dad–her mom died and she has no siblings. Tamika is adopted and has a puppy. Josh and Tony live with their grandparents. By the end of the evening, Lily understands that “Love is what makes a family.” Devoted followers of TV’s Touched by an Angel star, Roma Downey, will be thrilled to see “Monica” has written her first children’s book. Any child who has ever felt mortified at the quirks of his or her family will find solace in Lily’s revelation. Of course, all the families in Lily’s classroom seem highly functional, as well as heterosexual. In the litany of differences (“They saw families with step-dads and step-moms and half-sisters and half-brothers. There were single moms and single dads and families made up of different colors of skin.”), readers who anticipate something along the lines of “and families with two mommies” will be disappointed. But that’s what Heather Has Two Mommies is for. Justine Gasquet’s colorful, almost cartoonish illustrations will be another bonus for Roma Downey fans–the mom looks just like Downey! (Ages 5 to 8) (2001)

Author: Roma Downey
Additional Author: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0-439-44423-3
Count: 1
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