Nikolai, The Only Bear


Book Description

“As the only bear at the Russian orphanage, Nikolai wonders if anyone who visits will ever choose him, but when a fur-faced man suddenly appears with his wife, Nikolai is thrilled and knows in his heart that the perfect family has finally arrived to take him home.”

Staff Member Review

Nikolai lives in an orphanage in Russia with 99 children and 99 keepers. He loves his friends, but they don’t quite understand him; he speaks bear words and bellows instead of singing. He paws the air when playing, and the keepers say, “Play nice, Nikolai.” He feels loved and cared for, but he doesn’t quite fit. Until a furry-faced man and a moon-faced woman come to meet him from America.

This is a sweet picture book. It speaks to a child’s desire to feel loved and cared for in a place where they “fit” with caregivers who connect with them and “get them.” The illustrations are lovely, and the story is simple and heartfelt.

Author: Joosse, Barbara
Additional Author: Philomel Books
ISBN: K4340
Count: 1
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