Nothing Good Ever Happens to Me: An Adoption Love Story


This is the first-person story of an adoption that took 10 years to complete. Lee Ann joined the Lindsay family at the age of seven after years of shuttling from one foster home to another. She brought with her a sense of humor, good survival skills, and a host of problems, complicated by the intermittent presence of a father who could not care for her but refused to consent her adoption. The book recounts her struggle to become secure with her new parents and her relationships with friends, siblings, and other relatives, as well as social workers, counselers, teahcers, psychiatrists, lawyers, and judges. The author writes movingly and honestly, sharing both the strategies she used to create a sense of belonging for Lee Ann and her ultimate inability to change her past. Readers will agree that something good did happen to Lee Ann when she joined this loving, resourceful family.

Author: Caroline Hassinger Lindsa
Count: 1
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