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Adopting Beyond Age

Every year, hundreds of waiting children age out of foster care without a family or some kind of permanence. Prior to that, many of these youth have spent years bouncing around from one placement to the next, hoping that each move would be the last one.

Many waiting children are school-aged and older. In Wisconsin and across our nation, waiting children average about nine years old. It is knowledge that is often shared at initial information meetings that those wishing to build their families through the adoption of a child from the foster care system attend. And yet many families voice preferences with respect to age (usually ages younger than the average age of children waiting for permanence) and remain hopeful that they might be able to adopt children falling within the parameters they have set for themselves.

Articles include:

  • Adopting Beyond Age
  • Preparing to Adopt an Older Child

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Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
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