Recognizing and Managing Children With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects: A Guidebook



“The guide covers historical, medical, and social aspects of FAS and details common behavioral characteristics associated with the condition. Taking a developmental approach, the guide offers specific behavioral management techniques to be used with children with FAS from infancy through late adolescence. Characteristics of FAS last throughout life and create complications in the lives of people who have the condition and those who live or work with an affected person. Most children with FAS or fetal alcohol effects face more stress, obstacles, loneliness, and failure, and less success in a single day than most non-affected persons face over a far longer period of time. The author’s own case studies are used to clarify psychological concepts and personalize FAS for the novice. A list of resources and support groups to help individuals and families affected by FAS is appended.”

Author: Brenda McCreight
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