Survival Guide for Kids with LD – Learning Differences


This revised and updated edition retains the best of the original edition: the warmth, affirmation, and solid information kids need to know they’re smart and can learn, they just learn differently. It answers the many questions they have, like “Why is it hard for kids with LD to learn?” and “What happens when you grow up?” It explains what LD means (and doesn’t mean); defines different kinds of LD; describes what happens in LD programs; helps kids deal with sad, hurt, and angry feelings; suggests ways to get along better in school and at home; and inspires young people to set goals and plan for the future. Includes resources for parents and teachers.
(Self-Help for kids/Learning Differences)

Author: Gary Fisher, PhD
Additional Author: Rhoda Cummings EdD
ISBN: 1575421194
Count: 1
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