Terrible Thing Happened (A)


This gently told story is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode. An afterword for parents offers extensive suggestions for helping traumatized children, including a list of other sources that focus on specific events. (2000)

Coalition Staff Member Review

This children’s book tells the story of a young raccoon named Sherman, who witnessed a traumatic event. He tries really hard to forget what he saw, but starts to feel sad and nervous for no reason, get physically sick, have bad dreams and trouble sleeping, and get in trouble for doing mean things when he is very mad. After he meets Ms. Maple and begins to open up and talk about his feelings and the terrible thing he saw, he begins to feel much better.

This is a great book for children who have experienced any type of violence or trauma, as it helps to validate their feelings and some of the things they may be struggling with. It can also help them see the value of sharing their feelings and talking through difficult things they have witnessed with a safe adult. And, just like Sherman, they might begin to feel better one day at a time.

Author: Holmes, Margaret
Additional Author: Magination Press
ISBN: K4324
Count: 1
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