Toby Visits Mommy – A book for children who see their parents only during scheduled visitations


Toby sees his mother once a week for only a few hours. On these days, Laurel, Toby’s grown up friend, picks him up and drives him to the center for mothers in recovery to see his mom. Toby’s not sure what center for recovery means. In fact, Toby’s not sure about a lot of things. He’s not sure how he will feel when he sees his mom. He’s not sure what they might talk about. He’s not even sure when he’s going to be able to live with her again. But what Toby does know is that for today, during the next few hours, he gets to spend time with his mom Some chldren only see their parent/parents during scheduled visitations mandated by the court, Child and Family Services, appointed guardians, or even the prison system. The importance of “Toby Visits Mommy” is to acknowledge a child’s experience during a visit with a parent/parents; to support them as they cope with feelings of uncertainty, guilt, sadness, lonilness, abandonment, fear, anger, and joy. “Toby Visit’s Mommy” may provide opportunities for children to talk about their experiences whether similar or different with an adult in their life becaues he/she may recognize some aspects of Toby’s experiences which may evoke strong emotions Toby Visits Mommy will also allow parents to see a visit from the child’s perspective. To stress the importance of the child’s visit without disruption from friends or other people. To validate that a child will strive for attention in any way, even if it’s negative attention. (I.e. in “Toby Visits Mommy” Toby throws a truck to get his mom’s attention). This book will be beneficial for Therapists, Counselors, CFS Workers, Treatment Centers, Teachers, Parents, foster parents, court workers, etc.

Author: Enid Solomon, MFT
ISBN: 978-1-4490-0683-9
Count: 1
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