When Love is Not Enough: Updated & Expanded


When Love is Not Enough..a guide to parenting children with RAD. This little purple book (as it has been lovingly called by parents since 1997) has brought hope and healing to thousands of families. They CAN heal. Now includes even MORE interventions to help challenging children to heal! The plan is all inside. Just add you’re heart and you are ready to roll!

Reader Review

This book is written by a therapeutic foster parent who believes that kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, ADD, and ADHD can develop into honest, decent, and loving adults. She has a mother’s heart and a successful program that has brought hope to many families and children with these disorders. Her definition of success is a child who is respectful, responsible, and fun to be around, in a school setting, in the community, and, most importantly, at home.

One of the things that got me immediately interested in this book was the introduction. The first paragraph stated: “This book was written for abused parents”! Although this is often left unsaid, when you have an extremely difficult child, you can feel abused as a parent. But the good news is that you can read this book and follow a plan that really works! One of the greatest benefits I got from this book is that it took the pressure off of me to do my child’s thinking. By telling a child what to do, you, in effect, do the thinking for the child, which doesn’t lead to behavioral changes.

I’ve found that my kids have been much more fun to be around since I started following Nancy’s plan. For example, if I find that they are misbehaving or being naughty, my words, “Oh, you’re not fun to be around,” can produce an almost instantaneous attitude change. I have begun to feel better about myself, and I find that the kids can’t push my buttons, which means I won’t lose control. This book has certainly helped me to stay calm and taught me not to make their problems mine.

Anyone with children that can be difficult should check this book out; you’ll be glad you did! It’s the best one I’ve read yet that can help me with six very high-maintenance kids! I found this book especially helpful because four of my children have been diagnosed with one of the disorders the author deals with in the book.

–Mary Hamilton, an adoptive parent from Wood County

Author: Nancy Thomas
ISBN: M5082
Count: 1
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