Sidonie Kintopf


Sidonie Kintopf has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, graduating in the winter of 2019. During her time at UWO, Sidonie had many internships she enjoyed, which included equine therapy (horse therapy) for children with special needs and their families. Sidonie has a variety of professional experiences that include working with families, children, and the elderly with a wide range of physical and mental health needs. Sidonie is eager to learn more about how she can continue to contribute to families and individuals in Wisconsin who have been impacted by out-of-home care or adoption. She lives in the Fox Valley area and enjoys spending her free time outside doing any outdoor activity. Sidonie took her first solo hiking trip to Colorado last December and is currently planning her next solo trip. She is always open to your feedback and invites you to reach out to see how she can connect you with resources and support during your journey!