Hunger Moon


Ruthie Tepper wants to make people laugh – to be a star on her own TV show. She wants to write stories as wonderful as the ones she reads in True Romance. She also wants her family to stop yelling – about money, about work, and especially about her brother Eddy. No one at school says hi to Eddy. He knows the name of every street in the city of Baltimore but can’t eat his dinner without making a mess of things. Ruthie is a good older sister, even though she can get mean herself. But she tries – she walks Eddy home from school every day and she makes sure to do her chores just the way her mother like them done; she even gets nominated for class president. Does anyone notice? Is anybody looking at her? Her mother and father are too busy slamming things around. It’s not funny anymore, it’s really not, and Ruthie does the only thing she can think of to protect herself and Eddy.

At times funny, at times piercing, always honest, Hunger Moon is the stuff of real families, real growing up. (2004)

Author: Sarah Lamstein
ISBN: 1-932425-05-5
Count: 1
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