Plenty Good Room


When child care worker Tamara Britton is asked to temporarily take 14-year-old foster child Sienna Larson into her home, she agrees–but only because it’s temporary. Soon, Tamara finds the outspoken, churchgoing teenager to be almost more than she can bear. Yet, despite herself, Tamara begins to open her heart as well as her home. Now, through the bond she forms with Sienna, Tamara begins to awaken to newfound truths about herself, her family history, and God–and learns that no matter what the circumstances are, God is in control of not just some things but of all things.


Coalition Team Member Thoughts on This Title

Named after an African American Spiritual, this novel walks through the life of an African American social worker who takes in a young teenager in the foster care system. Set in Chicago, the story illustrates the complexities of building trust with children in care. It is an honest story that shows the difficulties caregivers and children have while learning to give and receive trust from one another. In turn, it also shows the abundant blessings when that hard work is cultivated. An interesting mystery is woven throughout the story as the main character uncovers some of her own past while learning to love and trust the new teenager in her life. And just like the old spiritual, this story shows there is Plenty Good Room in our hearts and lives to love and be loved in return.

Note: There is a scene in the book where some characters make some references to LGBTQ individuals that are inappropriate. There is also a scene in the book in which a sexual assault takes place that may be triggering.

Author: Cheri Paris Edwards
ISBN: 0-446-57647-6
Count: 2
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