What do I Say About That? …Coping with an incarcerated parent


When a loved one is sentenced to prison, the emotional turmoil is difficult for everyone to handle. Children of incarcerated parents often suffer the heaviest burden of all and pay the price of hardship. As a result, they often develop mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and feelings of abandonment and grief. Unfortunately, over 7.3 million children have at least one parent in prison. Sadly, 70 percent of these kids are doomed to follow in the same footsteps as their parents, becoming imprisoned at some point in their lives. Children of incarcerated parents are five times more likely than their peers to commit crimes. Unfortunately, these at-risk children are largely ignored before they get into trouble. This book takes a unique look at the internal struggles with which a child of an incarcerated parent is faced. “My dad says that drugs and alcohol made him choose to do the wrong things. But he could have said no to the drugs and the booze, then my life wouldn’t be what it seems. Why didn’t he love us enough to say no? Aren’t we worth it to him? He had a choice… us or drugs. He chose to let the drugs win.” What Do I Say About That? creatively explores and validates the roller coaster journey of emotions that children of incarcerated parents endure. It also gives insight to the process of healing and coping.
(32 pages/2015)

Author: Julia Cook
ISBN: 978-1-937870-37-9
Count: 1
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